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Are you able to host me in your home while I'm on tour?  If so, first off let me say THANK you because I can't do this without people like you!  Please use the survey below so that I have all the information I'll need.
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I can offer you...
*Do you have any pets?
I am SLIGHTLY allergic, but it's manageable so long as I'm not sleeping in a bed with pet fur. Pets are NOT a deal-breaker. I LOVE your pets! It just helps to know about the pet situation ahead of time. I take allergy meds for it every day. When I'm on the road, the people who host me USUALLY have pets, so again...  NOT a deal-breaker!
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Comments (re: pets)
Do you have WiFi available?
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If you would prefer not to share your WiFi information in advance, please text it to me before I arrive at your home.
Very often, I end up arriving late at night, or during a time when my host is away or asleep.  I ask this information so that I don't need to trouble you (or wake you), and also so that I have it as soon as I arrive.  Thanks much!
May I ask your WiFi network information in advance?
This may seem something silly to ask at this point, but you'd be surprised how often I either forget to ask, or I arrive after the host has already gone to bed for the night, and I spend my first night there unable to get online.  If you're comfortable providing it here, you can do so below.  If not, no worries at all.
WiFi Network Info
If I should need a ride locally (mainly to/from the gig) would you be able to drive me?
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Do you have laundry? (Check all that apply)
Laundry Hours
Some people don't care what time I do my laundry, day or night.  Some people do not want me to do laundry at night.  Whatever your preference, please let me know below:
Silly question, but...
Tap Water: Is it safe/recommended to drink the tap water where you live?
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When I tour, I generally live on protein bars and Taco Bell. It honestly makes it easier to stay in shape while travelling.

Often, hosts will ask what I like to eat, and while I try to avoid imposing on people any more than I already am, I've come to realize that often, they are eager to cook for me in their home.

Which I can understand because I love cooking for my own houseguests!

So to make it easier for people to accommodate my food preferences, should they want to cook for me, I've created a document that lists all my food preferences/allergies/etc.

Please know, this is not a request that you feed me in addition to hosting me - I just want to make this info available for those who want it. ❤️❤️❤️

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anything else you'd like me to know? (optional)
BONUS: Do you have a Peloton?
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