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Greetings from VIBGYOR.

This lockdown due to COVID-19 has brought the pace of our lives to halt and has stopped us from doing the usual. On one hand, as it has stopped us from doing, on the other, it has taught us to restart many. It’s the time when we are staying indoors, finding our inner self more and more, which were all suppressed in our usual daily rat race. And in this process, we at VIBGYOR has found out many Poets evolving out with their simple ways of rhythmic expression.

This is a call to all such Chhupa-Rustams, its time to come out from your hide-out, and share your moods and expressions in a rhyme. And we promise to compile them all and produce a book, which will be released digitally by the end of May-2020.


Please let us know if you wish to be reminded about the release. Also, we will be mailing a copy of the same in PDF version, on 31st May 2020.

Thanks & regards

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