DRG Vocations Retreat: Community Rep. Letter
All applicants for the DRG Vocations retreat are required to submit a letter from a "Community Representative"--an active member of the faith community (parish, mission, campus ministry, chaplaincy) or other ministry context in which the applicant is actively involved.  

The "Community Representative" should be someone who is familiar with the applicant's ongoing vocational journey as well as their present ministry.  The Community Representative might be the Sr. Warden or another lay leader of the applicant's parish, a member or chairperson of the applicant's local discernment team (if applicable), or a colleague, supervisor, or participant in the applicant's faith community, workplace, or other relevant ministry context.

As a Community Representative, your honest feedback is essential in helping the DRG Vocations Team better understand and support the vocational discernment and development of the applicant.  

Thank you for your contribution and participation in this process!

Deadline for submission of this form is December 1st.

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