Family Survey For Hedley ISD
Please fill out the following survey for Hedley ISD. We need your input to assist us in addressing educational needs and barriers for all students.
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Parent/Guardian Name: *
How many children in your household will be attending Hedley ISD? *
Grade of your children (please select a grade for each child attending Hedley ISD) *
What is your preferred learning environment for your children in 2020-2021 at Hedley School? *
Do you need your children to return to on campus learning in the school buildings this fall in order for you to return to work? *
If remote learning were to continue for any part of the next school year, which instructional delivery method would you prefer? *
Does your student have sufficient access to: Technological devices required for remote learning (Computer, Ipad, or Tablet,) Please do NOT include Smartphones. *
Does your student have sufficient access to the internet daily? **Internet access is a requirement for online learning. *
If you choose remote learning, would you want meals for your children? *
If your child will be coming to school 2020-2021, would he/she need transportation to and from school? (bus or suburban) *
During our online/packet process from March to May, how was your experience with your child's learning from home? *
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