Nomination: Innovation of Teaching and Learning Award
Purpose: OCU’s Award for Distinguished Achievement in the Innovation of Teaching and Learning honors a faculty member whose contribution to the innovation of teaching and learning (particularly in regards to the successful integration of technology to supplement the learning environment) is deemed to be exemplary. The award is presented once every academic year.

1. Eligibility - a) All full-time faculty and staff with teaching responsibilities; b) Face-to-face, “hybrid,” and online faculty; c) past award recipients are not eligible for three years.

2. Criteria - When reviewing an applicant’s “artifacts of innovation,” the committee will utilize three criteria: originality, impact, and practicality of the innovations. These “artifacts” may include but are not limited to creative assignments or student projects, unique ways of presenting course content to students, or effective uses of technology—both inside and outside the classroom.

3. Procedure for Nomination - Any full-time faculty member may be nominated by a faculty member, administrator, or through self-nomination.

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