Featherston Community Centre User Survey
The Featherston Community Centre's Vision is to enhance the well-being of the entire community. The Centre provides a community space for services, ongoing or one-off events, activities and classes for public and private users and promotes a high level of well-being in the Community by acting as a pivot in the co-ordination and delivery of appropriate services to the people of Featherston and throughout the South Wairarapa.

The Centre continues to work behind the scenes and support the community in every way that we can, also during Lockdown when we have to close the facility for public use (Levels 3 and 4).
We want to hear your experiences, so that we can find ways to continue to be relevant to the community.

This survey will take approximately 10 mins. Thank you.
What is your relationship with the Centre?
What do you use the Centre for?
Which things do you like about your relationship with the Featherston Community Centre?
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How are the different levels of lockdown affecting you currently?
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How would you describe your experience of the Centre being closed?
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Which ways are there for you to keep in touch with others that you are in contact with at the community centre?
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Are you aware that the Community Centre has a Website?
How many times in the last 3 months have you visited the Community Centre website?
Have your visits to the Community Centre website or Facebook changed since lockdown?
Are you aware that the Community Centre has a Facebook page?
How many times in the last 3 months have you visited the community centre Facebook page?
Overall, how easy to use do you find the Community Centre Website?
In which ways would you like to access the Centre when we return to level 2?
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Your voice and your responses to this survey are important and will help the Centre continue to be relevant to its community. Please include your e-mail address below if you would like to be included in future surveys or participate in user experience workshops.
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