This is the registration form for the EXHIBITORS at the 2019 UMFF Multicultural Film Market.

Each exhibitor, except the filmmakers of the 2019 UMFF Official Selections, is required to purchase a Exhibitor Pass on our ticketing website first and then fill out this form to complete the registration.

Please note that the Exhibitor Tables are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. The number of the Exhibitor Tables are limited.

More information about attending the panels, please visit

Should you have any questions, please contact

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Step 1: purchase the Exhibitor Pass
Filmmakers of the 2019 UMFF Official Selections can skip this step.

Ticketing website: https://2019umff.eventbrite.com

If you are not the filmmakers of this year's Official Selections, please go to https://2019umff.eventbrite.com to purchase the Exhibitor Pass.

After completing the purchase, please have your Order Confirmation Webpage ready while filling out this form.

There is Order # on the Order Confirmation webpage. Order # will be needed to fill out this form.

Step 2: fill out the form below
Please fill out this form to complete the registration.
1. Are you going to represent your film/screenplay as one of the 2019 UMFF Official Selections? *
2. Order # on your Eventbrite order confirmation
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3. The title of the Official Selection that you represent
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