Our Gracemount
Do you live in Gracemount or surrounding communities? If so, we would like to hear from you!

This is the first survey in the 'Our Gracemount' project, which aims to understand how you, the people in Gracemount, want to use and be involved with the Mansion House, the Stables, and the Gracemount Community Garden.

The Gracemount Community Garden is a community-led food growing initiative. We grow using organic, regenerative, no-dig methods. Local school pupils learn and play in the garden, and we work together to grow and harvest food. The Mansion House and Stables are currently not functioning, but we hope to make them community owned and run with your input.

The first section will be about the Gracemount Community Garden, the second section about the Mansion House and Stables, and the third section about the future of these places. Finally, the fourth and fifth section will ask you to share some personal information if you would like to be involved further with the project.

This survey will take 5-10 minutes to complete.
Thank you for taking part!
Do you know of the Gracemount Community Garden? *
Have you spent time in the Gracemount Community Garden in the past year? *
If you have spent time in the Gracemount Community Garden, can you please tell us what you did?
Have you been a part of any of these groups or activities in the Gracemount Community Garden?
If you have not spent time in the Gracemount Community Garden, can you please tell us why not?
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