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This is the free, open call for completed works to be exhibited at the next Borscht Film Festival to be held February 22-26, 2017, across Miami.

Films of any length and format, as well as installations, experiences, episodic content, and events are welcomed as long as they address South Florida literally or thematically or the principal artists were born, raised, inspired by, or are currently living in South Florida.

Applicants do not necessarily need to be living in or from Miami, but preference will be given to those based locally.

All submissions will be reviewed by a moderately qualified panel. The deadline is February 1st, 2017.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our festival and work at and consider if your project is right for us before you apply.

Borscht is generously supported by the Knight Foundation.
The 1st Generation Filmmakers Grant is generously supported by OneFifty Time Warner Inc, and the #NoBroZone is supported by LaCroix Sparkling Water.



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