Oakland Peace Festival Poet's Corner Sign-up Sheet
If you are interested in reading at the 5-hour open mic, which will be happening outside in Poet's Corner on all three days of the festival (July 27, August 24, September 21), please submit your information below, indicating which day you are most interested in reading at. We would love to have you!

Thank you for your interest and support, and we look forward to hearing you read soon on our newly built Poet's Corner stage with a new Gremlin1114 mural on the walls behind you.

TIME ALLOTMENT: You will each have 5 minutes. Please spend a moment rehearsing ahead of time to ensure that you do not go over to make room for others to participate.

SAFE SPACE STATEMENT: Please note that, as with all Nomadic Press events, the Oakland Peace Festival's participants (in whatever capacity they may be joining us in) are asked to follow our safe space statement. This can be read here: www.nomadicpress.org/about. Anyone who does not will be asked to leave for the safety of the communities present.

NOTE: there are many moving pieces to this festival with only a few of us organizing, so we will try our very best to accommodate your requests for particular dates or times but we ask that you embrace flexibility with us as we take this ride together.

PRIVACY: You have our word that the information that you submit below will not be shared with any third-parties.
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Phone number (this will help us day of to ensure you get up to the stage on time)
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What windows of time are you available to read on all of the dates you checked above (see below lineup)? *
August 24 lineup (updated regularly)
12:00: PM: Paul Corman-Roberts
12:05: PM:
12:10: PM: Kristen Caven
12:15: PM:
12:20: PM: Kendall Hoeft
12:25: PM
12:30: PM: Nicia De'Lovely
12:35: PM
12:40: PM: Shawn William
12:45: PM
12:50: PM: Jamey Williams
12:55: PM
1:00: PM: Sevan Kelle
1:05: PM
1:10: PM: Repertoire
1:15: PM
1:20: PM: Najee Amaranth
1:25: PM
1:30: PM: Patrick Ohslund
1:35: PM
1:40: PM: Sheila Smith McKoy
1:45: PM
1:50: PM: Clayne Zollinger
1:55: PM
2:00: PM: Francisco Orozco
2:05: PM
2:10: PM: VonDaWIZard
2:15: PM
2:20: PM: Tobey Kaplan
2:25: PM
2:30: PM: Nia McAllister
2:35: PM
2:40: PM
2:45: PM
2:50: PM
2:55: PM
3:00: PM
3:05: PM
3:10: PM
3:15: PM
3:20: PM
3:25: PM
3:30: PM
3:35: PM
3:40: PM
3:45: PM
3:50: PM
3:55: PM
4:00: PM: Jackson McBrayer
4:05: PM
4:10: PM
4:15: PM
4:20: PM
4:25: PM
4:30: PM
4:35: PM
4:40: PM
4:45: PM
4:50: PM
4:55: PM
5:00: PM
Anything else you would like us to know? Have any questions?
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