2017-2019 LWV Ohio State Program Planning
Responses are due no later than February 24, 2017. If you have any questions or problems with the form, please contact the state League office at lwvoinfo@lwvohio.org. If you need to send a longer response than possible with this form, please send your additional text as an email message to the state League office. Thank you.
Contact information
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Board approval Date: *
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Title: *
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Recommendation to Review/ Update a Position
Name of the recommended item to be reviewed/updated:
Are there enough interested members in your League to form the core of the study committee?
Recommendation to Drop a Position
If your League recommends dropping a position, please complete the following:
Position to drop:
1 point
1 point
Recommendation for a New Study
Please refer to “Definitions and Things to Consider”. Also, please double check to make sure LWVUS does not already have a relevant position.
Topic for the recommended study:
Scope (what should and should not be covered)
Rationale (why timely and important):
Members willing to work on study:
Recommendation for Concurrence
Name of the study/position for which your League is recommending concurrence:
Name of the local or state League study/position with which your League is recommending concurrence:
If the other League's study/position can be accessed electronically, provide the URL here:
Rationale (why timely and important):
Legislative Priority
Is there ONE position that should have priority for state action in 2017-19?
Name of the position that should have priority:
What method did your League use for program planning?
If you choose "other" (please describe)
Was the Program Planning packet easy to understand?
What suggestions do you have to improve future Program Planning packets and processes?
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