NATAS' Tech & Eng Emmy:                     Duplicate Corporate Statue Request

A recipient Engineering/Technology company or organization (not an individual) is allowed to purchase up to three additional commemorative statues for display purposes at other corporate sites.  In addition, a recipient Engineering/Technology company or organization may purchase up to five commemorative statues for key individual innovators.  A separate form must be completed for each statue requested and must be approved by the Chairman of the Engineering Achievement Committee prior to processing by NATAS.  The duplicate corporate statue and innovator statue requests will be processed AFTER the presentation ceremony and therefore will not be available at the ceremony. All requests for duplicate statues must be made within one year of the presentation ceremony.

The cost per statue is: $950 for up to 3 duplicate  Corporate  statues,  not including shipping charges or duties (if shipped overseas).  After the request is approved by the Chairman of the Engineering and Technology Committee, Joe Inzerillo ( , the Academy will contact the requesting company with the final amount including shipping and duties and requests payment by check. If your request is declined, the chairman of the Engineering committee will notify the company.
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