2019 - 20 MPCS Grades K-1 Teacher Response Form
You are receiving this as the teacher of an applicant who is applying for admission to Mount Paran Christian School. Please complete the questions included in this response form. Your candid evaluation is an invaluable resource to our admission committee. By forwarding this request to complete this response form, the parent consents for you to complete the form and waives the right to the information provided on the form. Your comments will be held in strict confidence. Thank you for your time and input. If you have any questions, please call the Admission Office at 770-578-0182, extension 2046 or email Shaunda Brooks at sbrooks@mtparanschool.com.
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Written expression appropriate for age
Vocabulary appropriate for age
Reading achievement
Participation in class
Fine motor coordination
Gross motor development
Ability to follow instructions
Works well independently
Exhibits self control
Maturity level appropriate for age
Emotional stability
Peer compatibility
Intellectual curiosity
Shows respect for authority
Reaction to correction
If you selected "Improvement Needed" for any of the above items, please provide your comments here:
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Please comment on the degree and type of parental involvement you have observed for this applicant. *
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Do you consider this child a follower or a leader in the classroom? Please Explain. *
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Is the student appropriately placed in current grade? *
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What are your comments regarding this applicant's ability to achieve success academically and behaviorally in a traditional classroom setting with approximately 20 students in the class? *
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Do you section or group students according to ability? *
If yes, in which subject(s)? Is the applicant at an advanced, average or remedial level?
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Do you have academic concerns regarding this applicant? *
If no, please explain.
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Has this applicant ever participated in either gifted/advanced program or a program for special needs (i.e. programs for gifted, learning disabilities, behavior disorders, developmental delays, speech/language etc.)? If Yes, please describe, if possible. *
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Would this student be permitted to return to your school? *
If not, please explain.
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Would you consider this applicant to have any discipline concerns or recurring behavior issues? *
If yes, please explain.
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Describe the classroom environment in which you think this applicant performs at his/her best. List any strengths or weaknesses. *
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Can the child cut with scissors?
Does the child identify the basic colors by name?
Does the child identify the basic shapes by name?
Does the child draw the basic shapes on his/her own?
Does the child know letters sounds?
Can the child recite the alphabet without singing?
Can the child identify the upper and/or lower case alphabet letters out of sequence?
Can the child identify numbers 0-19 out of sequence?
Can the child write his/her first name using proper upper case and lower case letters?
Can the child read short vowel (CVC pattern) words?
Can the child read long vowel (VCV pattern) words?
Does the child manage bathroom needs?
Does the child clean up after himself/herself?
Does the child willingly share with others?
Does the child sit in "circle time" and listen attentively?
Does the child listen to a story without interrupting?
Does the child frequently interrupt other children's activities?
Is the child easily distracted?
Has the child ever displayed aggressive behavior ?
Does the child exhibit separation anxiety?
Does the child demand more than his/her fair share of attention?
What number can the child count to independently? *
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Indicate the child's current reading level? *
Is there anything else we would need to know regarding this applicant's instructional environment or placement? *
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