Mindfulness and Meditation
A Weekly Workshop for De-Stressing and Creative Thinking

Offered especially for Zarb graduate and undergraduate students, here is an effective way to de-stress, relax, and improve thinking. Mindfulness has been introduced in a number of companies including Google, Apple, General Mills and Proctor & Gamble as research shows that it leads to better decision-making. This weekly one-hour workshop includes hands-on exercises and brief explanations of the history and philosophy of meditation. Participants will discover easy techniques for achieving calm and resilience under pressure, and practical methods for re-shaping the brain to achieve effective stress response and enhanced creativity. Open to all, faculty and staff are welcome too!

There is no cost but please reserve a seat beforehand. While you are encouraged to attend weekly, please do feel free to attend any of the sessions.

The initial facilitators will be Joshua Greene (http://www.atma.org/the-author/) and Charles Smith (https://www.hofstra.edu/faculty/fac_profiles.cfm?id=1427), each with many years of experience teaching meditation and mindfulness related subjects.

Tuesday April 9 Joshua Greene and Charles Smith
Tuesday, April 23 Charles Smith
Wednesday, May 1 Joshua Greene
Tuesday, May 7 Charles Smith
Wednesday, May 15 Joshua Greene

Time: 5:00—6:00 PM
If your schedule requires you to come late or leave early it is fine, please just enter and leave quietly.

Location: 413/415 Exchange Rooms, 4th Floor, new Business School Building
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