HP Pres Growth Plan 2020
Our goal is that every person at Highland Park Pres would be growing as a transformed follower of Jesus.

Disciples are hand-crafted, not mass produced, and there is no one-size fits all strategy for growth. We also know that just doing more church activities doesn't always lead to spiritual growth. We want you to be transformed, not just busy.

So how will you grow?

Our hope is that every person at HP Pres would intentionally consider where he or she is in their journey with Jesus and commit to taking a next step in growing as a follower of Christ over the coming year.
Which stage of the Growth Pathway best describes you right now? (It's ok to be anywhere on the path!) *
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We want to help you focus on a next step that’s right for where you are now. Consider the options below, check those that you think might be helpful to you:
From the choices above or another option that God has put on your heart, what is one specific next step that you can take to grow as a follower of Jesus over the next 3-6 months? *
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How can HP Pres help you in your spiritual growth during the coming year?
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Would you want to meet with a guide from our church to help you with your growth plan (you will be contacted starting in early 2020)? *
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