BURN2 Event/Project Proposal
We love having events at BURN2. We especially love Burners to come up with ideas, create events and projects.
WHAT WE EXPECT FROM YOU: When you bring an idea to BURN2, and if it is accepted, you will be in charge of that project, from start to finish. We will assist, but you will run the event.
WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM US: If your proposal is accepted, you can expect our support - you can ask for help, including but not limited to: promotion via Comms, support from Rangers at the event, request a Lamplighter presence, invite artists to participate.
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We'd like to know whom to follow up with, and who will assist you
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Avatar Name of Project Lead(s) *
Will you lead this project or will someone else, or will you co-lead? When you bring an idea to us, we will HELP you make it happen, but YOU and your co-lead will be the leads for the project.
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Desired Date(s) for Event *
We try to avoid conflicts with other events that may be planned. Scheduling will be done on a first confirmed, first served basis.
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Your Vision for the Event *
Describe your vision of the event. What is your grand scheme for it?
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Explain the theme of your event and desired look and feel of the playa. *
Past examples: "traditional" deep desert like at October Burns; snow covered playa, underwater, toxic surface, lunar surface...
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How does your event support the 10 Principles? Please include the principle(s) and how it (they) will be supported. *
While all Ten Principles must be adhered to, you might focus on one or two.
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