Level 1 Evaluator Application
Dear yogis!

Welcome in our new program of free yoga classes in exchange for your help!
By sharing your opinion with us about classes and quality of our teaching from all possible angles, you are helping to bring the best possible teaching of this kind to the broad public.
And as such you are helping to make this world better by helping to increase consciousness of everyone touched by our courses!

As this is mission of our school, we are really grateful you are helping us to fulfil our dream!

This project is providing free access for 1 month of yoga in exchange for your evaluation of each class to everyone that never studied Level 1 program with us.
All students that already have passed through our L1 program in presence or online will have granted free access to all modules of Level 1 for 1/2year.
As we are in working process to record all the courses, we don't guarantee the access to modules in consequent order. We hope that won't cause any troubles for you.

All new students that haven't studied with us will consequently opportunity to continue study the following Modules of Level 1 program up to 50% (Details to be anounced. For that, please follow our newsletter)

By filling the following questionnaire you will help us to provide you the access to our teaching platform.
For old students of Agama, please fill as much data as possible. That will help us to identify you and as so you can receive the full access for 1/2year.

Within the week after filling the form, please follow your emails. You will be notified about access to our teaching platform + you will receive email with further instructions.

And at last, but not least!... We wish for you to enjoy our classes, have fun and hopefully inspiration!

Thank you!


Agama Yoga University
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If you haven't done L1 in Agama yet, please let us know where did you learn about Agama Yoga school?
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