NCMATYC Call for Campus Representatives
NCMATYC wants your involvement! If you could take about five to ten minutes a week to help this very important professional organization, then please volunteer. We are looking for anyone who wants to help connect NC math. It is not limited to one person from each school. One goal is to have a majority of campus representatives attend the NCMATYC conference. Please answer the questions below to sign up.
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Are you comfortable with new/different forms of online communication? *
Do you have any particular interests in math/teaching in NC? e.g. Are you also involved in K-12 math?, Do you have interests in NC legislature?, etc. *
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On a weekly basis, what course(s) will you be willing to share what you are doing? *
This sharing should take about 5 minutes and would involve you saying something, "This week in MAT 171 we are…"
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What would be a good non-monetary incentive for your time working with NCMATYC? *
NCMATYC can't promise any of these but we are looking for ways to say "Thanks for your involvement."
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