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Thank you so much for your interest in the You Are Perfect campaign!

I have created this campaign for children between the ages of 10 - 16 as a way to instil a sense of self-worth, confidence & beauty during a time when children can dislike their appearance & feel very self conscious. I want them to feel empowered in knowing that they are beautiful inside & out and have portraits to remind them of this.

So, if you have kids between the ages of 10-16, I would LOVE if you could answer these questions. If you are chosen, you will receive a complimentary portrait session and your favourite image as a thank you for participating.
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I would of course LOVE to give you the opportunity to purchase images from your session. Is this something you are interested in? If so, I would like to know so I can accommodate you while I get what I need. *
Are you able to pay a 100% refundable fee of $100 to ensure your date on my calendar? This will be refunded the day of your session OR can be applied to purchasing Artwork! Your choice. *
Are you happy for me to use your child's portraits and their story as a part of my blog series to build self confidence in all 10-16 year olds? *
Thank you!
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story with me! I'll be going through the questionnaires ASAP and will let you know if your child has been selected for the portrait series.

Here's to empowering our children with the knowledge they are beautiful inside & out!

Kate Marsh
Sleepy Turtle Photography
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