Get Involved With SunBurn
SunBurn is a monumental task each year. In order to continue to grow and improve the event, we need your help.

Rather than list where we think we need people, this form is designed so that people can tell us about their availability, skills, and passions. We can then use that information to see what capacities we may be able to direct people to in order to best serve the community and the event as we start organizing for next year.

The more people that get involved, the wider we'll be able to spread the load, which helps us keep our leads leading and lets EVERYONE burn.

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Name (given, preferred, burner, whatever): *
How much time can you commit?
Everyone has different kinds of availability, and it can ebb and flow.

Typically, roles fall into a spectrum of shorter, regular time commitments leading up to the event all the way to spending a weekend doing a much larger project.
Time Commitment and Availability *
Please choose an option that best describes the kind of time commitment you're able to make.
Types of Work
There are a few types of work that make SunBurn happen:

Organizers spend a lot of time coordinating resources and managing projects.

Producers make all of the things, whether it's e-mails, the survival guide, social media posts, graphics, or signs for the event.

Operational staff manage most of the event staffing needs, from gate to HQ, sound to safety. They don't do the work, they help make sure volunteers are getting the work done.

Builders do a lot of the hard work of site prep, placing signage and marking, and leaning into big projects during work weekends.

Followers are really the unsung heroes of SunBurn. They don't do a lot of leading, but they put their hand up when someone says they need help and lean into getting a job done.
What type of work are you best at? *
We know a lot of people can do multiple things, but take a moment and consider what the best way you could contribute to SunBurn is.
What are you passionate about? *
This is more important than anything else. The key to sustainable volunteering isn't just to find something you can do, but something you want to do well. There's no clock on this, so take your time to consider it. This can be as abstract (I like to help people feel welcome and at home when they get to the event) or as concrete (I want to make sure everyone's camps are storing fuel safely) as it needs to be. You just have to care about it.
What skills do you have? *
Do you know your way around a spreadsheet? Are you good at organizing groups of people? Carpentry? People skills? Decor? There are tons of ways to contribute, anything that you feel you're particularly good at is great to share here.
Are you accustomed to electronic communication? *
Most event planning happens via Slack, e-mail, and video conference. If you're not comfortable using these regularly, it may be difficult for the rest of the event organizers to keep you up-to-date.
Do you know what you're getting into? *
Many roles require dedicating six to eight hours weekly to SunBurn, on average, over several months. In the month leading up to the event, there is a massive amount of work to be done. It's important that we get more people involved to help mitigate this, but it's equally important that people wanting to get involved understand how much work goes into SunBurn and are able to communicate clearly about their availability.
What do you think you could do better?
Everyone has ideas about how to do things, but if you have an idea that you actually want to implement, this is the place to get that idea out.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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