🏮 2023 Great Dharma Chan Monastery Guan Yin Blessing Ceremony Application Form🏮普法禪寺觀音祈福法會報名表
⎈ January 22th (Sunday), 10:00 am ~ 2:00 pm/法會日期: 1月22日(週日) , 下午 10:00 ~ 2:00

⎈ "The Universal Gateway of Guanyin Bodhisattva"+ Blessing and Memorial Ceremony  
禮拜《觀世音菩薩普門品》+ 消災、超薦法會

⎈ Registration Deadline: January 15th before 12:00 noon 法會報名截止日期:1月15日 (週) 中午 12:00前
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🏮 Name of the Participant (Please write full name)   參加者姓名 (請寫完整的姓名)。 *
Only one person per application. If more than one person, please submit a new application per participant 一次限一位人名,如果超過一人,第二位請再次提交。
☸︎ Dharma Name 法名
      ⎈ If you have taken the Three Refuges, please write your Dharma name.  若是你曾經受過三皈依,請寫皈依的法名。
🏮 Participant's Phone Number 連絡電話 *
🏮 Participant's e-mail 電子郵件 *
🙂 Your generous donation is greatly appreciated but not required. Please let us know if you plan to donate.  你可以隨喜發心捐款護持,但不是參加共修的必要條件。
⎈ If you have signed up and made a donation, your name will be placed on a Blessing Tablet and a Memorial Tablet. 普法禪寺將為已經有報名參加法會並隨喜發心捐款的居士立消災與超薦牌位回向。。
☸︎ Please comply with the regulations of the Chung Tai Ceremony 請配合中台禪寺法會的各項配合事項
1. Wear a brown robe, black robe, or meditation clothes. If you do not have it, please dress in modest attire.
1. 著海青搭衣、海青或居士服。若無海青及居士服者,亦應著素雅之服裝。

2. Please avoid responding to any phone calls or messages. Please turn on ‘do not disturb,’ silent or vibration-only modes on your cellphone.
2. 請勿接聽電話,並請將手機轉為「勿擾模式」、靜音或震動。
3. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us. Contact info:  (936) 433-7696 or ctpufa@gmail.com
3. 如有任何疑問請與我們聯繫。 聯繫方式:(936) 433-7696 or ctpufa@gmail.com
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