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We want to help you use a bicycle for short trips instead of using a car. You can use your bicycle to get to public transportation too. Each Pedalwise participant is given a mentor. The mentor is an experienced cyclist who will help you choose less traveled roads and paths, give you riding tips and even come with you as you ride a new route. The Pedalwise program is FREE!

If your bike isn't working properly you can bring it to our BikeWrx drop-in centre, 50 Sunny Meadow Blvd. Unit 108 on Wednesday evenings between 6:30-8:00pm. There you can borrow tools and get help from a certified bike mechanic to fix your bike yourself. You can also attend a basic bike mechanics course and receive a certificate of participation! BikeWrx access is free to registered Pedalwise participants. You may need to pay a small fee for necessary replacement parts.

If you don’t have a bike, let us know. We will try to fit you with one from our bicycle library. Bicycle use is free but a $40 refundable deposit is required to ensure its safe return to the library when you are finished using it.

We want to see how our Pedalwise program changes your attitudes and transportation habits as you become more confident with riding your bike around Brampton.

As a Pedalwise participant you will be asked for information in surveys and trip tracker reports. Your trip data will be sent to us using your smart phone and a free app called "STRAVA". If you don't have a smart phone we will lend you a logging device. A $40 refundable deposit is required to borrow this device. You will also need to fill out a weekly tracking log. Your mentor will help collect your trip information. Your trip information is really important as it will be used in decisions aimed at making Brampton a more bicycle friendly community.

We collect your personal information to match you with an appropriate mentor, to allow them to contact you and, for data analysis. It will not be shared with people other than mentors and program administrators, without your consent. Reasonable care will be taken to protect it from hacking or theft. At any time you may stop participating in the Pedalwise program. Please refer to our privacy statement for more information.

You will need to sign a liability waiver and give us permission to use your picture. Submitting this form constitutes your agreement to participate in the program, and to have information about you and your travel habits recorded and analysed.

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