St James' the Great Church Community Survey
Saint James the Great Church is about to embark on a major fundraising project to refurbish the church and to improve the facilities of our church and hall for wider community use in the future.

We are ensuring foundations for the future and building on years of community service in Clapton.

Between now and 30 April 2020 we are conducting a survey of residents, hall users and community groups to help us learn more about our community needs and how we as a church can better provide for our community. The information will only be used by our church for the next phase of our Project Planning and feel free to remain anonymous if you prefer.

Please select as many options from the multiple choices below and give us your opinions and dreams on the last page.
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If the group already meets in the Church / Hall or if your group might meet in the Church / Hall in the future please use the last blank page to suggest how the Church / Hall might be adapted or improved to make your use of the Church / Hall better or possible.
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