Sacral Chakra Self Assessment
Please fill out your personal information and answer the assessment questions below for your coaching session. Notice: we do not share or sell personal information with third parties.
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1. My personal relationships are healthy. *
2. I manage my feelings and emotions easily. *
3. My life has a purpose. *
4. I live my life with passion and creativity. *
5. I deserve to have pleasure and joy in my life. *
6. I have guilt, frustration or disappointment that interferes with my ability to receive pleasure or intimacy. *
7. I find myself wanting to have control in my relationships. *
8. I am living an abundant life. *
9. I know and understand how to shift from being a victim and blaming others to being responsible. *
10. I have issues with trusting others. *
11. I forgive others easily. *
12. Guilt closes down our Sacral Chakra which affects our Right To Feel. Do you feel guilty about anything or blame yourself or someone else for anything? *
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1. For Cinda: select cinda@primemychakras. com 2. For Rochel: select infinitelivingnow@gmail. com 3. For Greg: select gmoreyone@yahoo. com
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