What is the impact of the COVID-19 pandemia on rural / countryside tourism?  How are expectations to recover from the actual lockdown? How can this recovery be fast and effective?

Participate in this online survey launches by the European Federation of Rural Tourism. The results are visible directly after entering or updating the information.

The survey will be repeated at the beginning of each month until July, we will invite you give your most recent views.  A summary report will be prepared and sent to all those who have responded before the end of July.
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Indicate the type(s) of your tourism service(s). Professional entities (last two options) should respond to the rest of questions reflecting the situation of the tourism services they represent.
This block of questions asks about the actual or expected impact on your business or service.  
How did/does COVID-19 affect your business in the following periods, compared with what would be normal? *
Indicate real values for the past periods, and your estimates for upcoming periods.
-50% or worse
-50 to -15%
-15 to - 5'%
more or less normal
+5 - 15%
+15% or more
Easter holiday season
rest of April, May, June
July/August (holiday season)
September - December
Winter season 2021 (Jan-Apr)
How will your FULL expected annual 2020 revenue be affected by COVID-19 *
What will happen once the actual containment phase is over?
Will your business keep operating after COVID-19? *
When do you expect travel / occupancy to be back to normal or sustainable levels *
December or later
Visitors from own country
International visitors
What is most important for fast recovery of your business? *
Please indicate which will be the elements (actions like promotion, consumer attitude, etc) that will most decisively contribute to recovery.   You can mark as many as you want, and add other options at the end. These may differ depending on the markets (own country, or international visitors)
Visitors from own country
International visitors
Not relevant
Promotion of region / country
Promotion of products (such as rural tourism)
Demand will increase for places without massification
Financial or liquidity support
Confidence returns that travel is safe
End of travel / mobility restrictions
Others (pls specify below)
If you marked "Others" please indicate here what actions you suggest:
What is the long-term effect of COVID-19 on the future of rural / countryside tourism? *
Reasons for the above?
Any other comment or suggestions you would like to make
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