Swindon & Wiltshire Pride 2020 Vehicle Registration
Enter your details to register a vehicle for the parade. Remember, you must supply your own vehicle and driver for the parade day.

​To help us cover the cost of the parade we ask for a fee of £150. The charge is per vehicle (car, bus, float, etc.) and is non-refundable.

Please ensure you share your name with us via PayPal so that we can match the donation to the application.

Please note we are happy to accept larger donations.

Pay here: http://bit.ly/swpridepaypal
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Terms and Conditions
Please note:

1. All vehicles must be in good operating order and be road worthy
and legal
2. All vehicles must have valid insurance and be driven by a
licensed driver
3. No material, including but not limited to gifts, merchandise, literature or sweets, should be handed out or thrown along the Parade route
4. All vehicles should have forward motion and follow directions from the Parade Manager and Police at all times
5. Vehicles shall not break formation or carry out dangerous road manoeuvres; pace of parade shall be set by the Lead vehicle and be adhered to, unless directed otherwise by Parade Manager or Police
6. It is anticipated that the speed of the Parade will not exceed 5mph
7. Please bring your Full Driving Licence along on the Parade day
8. Please meet on Springfield Road prior to 10:30am on the 8th August 2020

By submitting this application, you agree that your vehicle will be operated in a safe manner at all times, and shall be road worthy and legal.

Swindon & Wiltshire Pride will not be liable for any injury or damage to the person or property within your care.

The Parade Manager and Event Manager reserve the right to withdraw any driver / vehicle from the parade.
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