RCon Showcase - Booth Submission
Thank you for your interest in submitting a Booth Showcase for Rhizome Connect 2021. If selected, your submission will be posted on a password protected webpage for attendees. FINAL SUBMISSION DEADLINE is OCTOBER 18, 2021. (Submit early for your choice of an optional Q&A session time.)

IRL conferences & conventions have booths and posters with similar elements, but for the purposes of Rhizome Connect we've combined them into a Showcase. This means, that BOTH groups presenting their work (similar to a student fair or a convention expo hall) and individuals who are presenting a finished project or proposing a future project (closer to a science fair or an academic conference poster session) will be housed under this category and referred to as 'booths' to reduce confusion.

For these submissions, content can include text, images, video, audio, downloads – whatever you need to present your work best. If you would like, we can also schedule a live voice or text chat in Discord, and on your page you can advertise any other live events you’ll be participating in.

Please submit your complete booth information below. This is NOT a proposal to submit more information later, this IS your submission that will be posted for the event - though if you do have subsequent edits we will accept them. And in addition to filling out this form, please be sure to register for the event itself through the website and use the same email address. Contact us at submissions@rhizomeconnect.com with questions.


------------- HELPFUL LINKS -------------
* Attendee Registration https://RhizomeConnect.com/Register
* Are you looking for the Live Events submission form? https://RhizomeConnect.com/Submit-Event
* Would you like to submit art to the curated exhibition? https://RhizomeConnect.com/ArtistBrief
* Are you interested in volunteering for Rhizome Connect? https://RhizomeConnect.com/Volunteer
* We encourage you to visit https://RhizomeConnect.com/AccessibilityTips to help ensure that your presentation is accessible for everyone.

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Rhizome Connect promotes and encourages the diversity and inclusion of all ARMYs. This is also an all-ages event. Please be mindful of this in your proposals and make efforts to fully represent and accommodate your fellow ARMYs. I understand I am responsible for my content. *
The organizers of Rhizome Connect will post what you submit here on a password protected web page for attendees (after the event we will ask again if you want to make the poster public.) You retain all rights to what is posted. The hosts, Rhizome Connect/The R3 Journal, may later reference your presentation in descriptions or reflections on the event. *
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