TriStar Pre-Flight Survey
Fill out this pre-flight survey to help us know what you know about aerodynamics and aviation.
What school district does your group represent? *
Leonardo da Vinci was an inventor and a ___________________. *
What is NOT one of the four aerodynamic forces? *
What is a "natural" force acting upon the airplane? *
Which principle explains how an airplane flies? *
Which part of the airplane creates the lift? *
What force must be created by an airplane, in order to overcome drag? *
Control of an airplane is on 3 axes: yaw, pitch, and roll. What direction does the plane move when pitching? *
What is the official name of the top of the parachute? *
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How do helicopters work? *
How familiar are you with jobs in the field of aviation and aerodynamics other than being a pilot? *
Not very familiar
Very familiar
List three careers in the aviation industry other than a pilot or airline attendant. *
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