Grassroots Volunteering Opportunities & Businesses
GV is a dual database created by community recommendations and international travelers. To expand the database, I would love your hand-vetted recommendations on free or low-cost community-run and sustainable organizations, as well as local businesses giving back to their communities in some way. These can be from anywhere in the world, and within any industry.

Before submitting, be sure you understand our mission and the concept of independent volunteering—we generally prefer direct listings, not placement or middlemen organizations. And fees should be modest; many GV volunteers are willing to organize their own travels and take care of the on-the-ground aspects.

Please take a moment to share as much information as possible about the organization or business, the more you can fill in, the easier it is for me to accurately represent the organization you love (and the faster I can vet and post it)! Submissions may take up to six months to review.
Is this a volunteer opportunity, a local business, or both? *
What is the name of the company *
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Provide *at least one* URL representing this business online. *
Website, Facebook URL, and Twitter if you know them!
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Where is this located?
Country, city, town, and a link from if it's a business and tricky to locate!
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Please give a one to four paragraph description of the organization.
No opinions or reviews, but rather a general, third-person description of what this organization does, how they do it, and how people can help.
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For volunteer opportunities, please share anything else you know.
Fees, duration requirements, special contact details. Please be specific.
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For volunteer opportunities, what types of volunteering do they accept?
ex: teaching, farming, disaster, medical, family volunteering, etc.
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Please provide a photo for volunteer opportunities.
Leave a URL link to an appropriate image representing the opportunity—this can be an image from the organization's Facebook page. Optionally, you can upload one photo in the next question. All photos must be horizontal and of high image quality. In applying for listing, you give me the right to use this image anywhere on and on any media related to Grassroots Volunteering. (Side note: We won't generally post photos of volunteers hugging children).
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For Businesses, please provide your details.
Please include: hours of operation and phone number. Plus anything a visitor needs to know to book, buy, or support your business.
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Final details:
Did you cover the main details a volunteer or visitor needs to know? If you did not leave a description, a URL, location, and any associated fees above, then I cannot process your submission. Double check. If there is something else I should know when vetting, please let me know:
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Cheers and Many Thanks!
That's it! I truly, truly appreciate your help in growing our database of grassroots businesses and volunteer opportunities all over the world. Without your help finding and vetting these companies, the database would not exist. (NOTE: Submissions may take up to six months to review.)
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