Philharmonia East Absence Form: 2019-20 season
If you will be absent for any reason, complete this form as soon as you know of your expected absence.

Students should stay home from GTCYS, school, and other activities when feeling sick or having symptoms of illness.

Philharmonia East Students are allowed the following absences:
• 2 ABSENCES during the first concert period: September 10 – December 8 concert
• 2 ABSENCES during the second concert period: January 7 – February 24 rehearsal
• 2 ABSENCES during the third concert period: March 3 – May 3 concert
Student First Name *
Student Last Name *
Valid email for your family *
Instrument *
Date of expected absence *
What number absence is this (per concert cycle)? For late arrivals, early departures, and other special circumstances, please select “other” and explain. *
Reason for absence *
GTCYS will take a more flexible approach with spring attendance in light of possible illnesses. We hope this will minimize students’ pressure to attend rehearsal when ill. If absences reach a concerning level, we may ask students to submit a video recording of your orchestra’s music to demonstrate preparedness for spring concerts.
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