Great Dane Wait-list 2020
Wait-list to reserve a Great Dane Puppy due in October 2020
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In order to be placed on our wait-list, we require a $100 deposit to hold your place. This is will come off the $300 deposit required to hold your puppy until he/she is 6wks old, at which time the balance is due unless other arrangements have been made. The remaining $200 of the deposit portion will be due at the time "litter picks" take place. We take 6 deposits per litter and the average litter size is 8, but up to 12-14. If you do not wish to pay the $100 wait-list fee, the puppies still available once those that have paid, have chosen, will be listed to the website available for purchase. We charge the $100 portion of the $300 deposit up front because it better ensures that we are dealing with serious buyers & future pet owners. If you opt to not send the deposit, we will keep you name & contact info to contact you once all depositors have chosen their puppies if there are puppies still available. PRICES RANGE FROM $1500-$2500 DEPENDING ON COLOR, GENDER, & REGISTRATION/STERILIZATION CONTRACT. PUPPIES WILL BE PRICED INDIVIDUALLY ONCE THEY ARE BORN. *
Deposit placers will be eligible to pick a puppy from the upcoming litter, by the place the wait-list request has been received, beginning with 1st choice (pick of the litter), going through #6. Once your request & $100 wait-list fee portion of the deposit has been received, you will be notified which number place you are. *
Please understand that there will not be a set date for any litter being born, until pregnancy has been confirmed & even then the dog may deliver earlier or later than expected. You will be notified with an estimated delivery date if the expected date(s) have not been posted to the website. Following that notification, you will be notified again once the puppies have been born, with a picture of all the puppies in the litter. We will do litter picks when the litter is 3 days old. Once the puppies are 3 days old you will receive pics of all puppies, with a total price for each puppy & which puppies are still available to choose from according to your number in line. *
We will make every effort to contact you as defined above. However, if you do not respond, we will have no choice but to move on the the next person if you do not respond within the specified time frame listed above. *
All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE unless your application is denied. If your application is denied, we will notify you with the reason for denial & refund your money in the exact amount you have paid, at that time. Deposits are transferable, so if something happens & you cannot get your puppy as planned, it may be transferred to an upcoming litter. There will be no exceptions on our refund policy! If for some reason you miss the window to choose your puppy, you may choose from those that have not been reserved or choose be moved to the next wait list for the breed you have chosen. *
The deposit amount IS deducted from the price of the puppy. For example: If you place a $300 deposit on a $1200 puppy, the amount you will owe after the deposit will be $900. $100 is due at the time of being added to the wait-list, $200 is due at the time you pick your puppy & the remaining balance is due when the puppy turns 6wks of age. Every litter has a baseline & "up to" price. Meaning that puppies from that litter will start at a certain price, but certain puppies may go up to, but not exceed, the "up to" price. Make sure you are aware of both of these, prior to placing a deposit, as all deposits are non-refundable unless your application is denied. The prices of our Great Dane Puppies start at $1200 & will go up to $2500, depending color, gender, sterilization contract or registration. THESE PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING. *
I understand that approval is based upon the application process & that an application must be submitted within 72 hours of submitting the wait-list request. *
Due to "happy tail syndrome" in Great Danes, all puppies tails will be docked at 3-4 days of age, once depositors have chosen their puppy UNLESS you tell us otherwise. This procedure is much less painful for them at 3 days old then it is at 2 years old when their tail splits opens & they have to have an amputation surgery. *
Ear cropping at 7wks of age will be optional for an additional fee. We will contact you about this when the puppies are 4-5wks of age to see if you would like this done & to go over pricing. *
By submission of this form, you agree that you are 18 years of age or older and are in full agreement to all terms, conditions, & restrictions (if any) listed above. *
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