''Used Clothes Recycling Programme" - Enrollment Form - Short Term Event
Terms & Condition:
1. The entity signing this Enrolment Form (“Agreement”) to participate in this Used Clothes
Recycling Program by Friends of the Earth (HK) Charity Limited (“FoE”) is called the “Partner”.

2. Partner hereby designates one of the three spots marked on the premises layout plan as 1, 2
and 3 (in the order of descending preference) as attached (the “Spot”) to place the recycling bin
which is reasonably convenient to estate residents for depositing used clothes and printer
cartridges for recycling. In the event that the Spot has to be subsequently changed to a location
other than 1, 2 or 3 above, Partner shall inform FoE at least fourteen (14) days in advance of any
relocation of the recycling bin to allow both parties to agree on an alternative Spot. In case no
agreement is reached after the 14-day period, either Partner’s decision of the alternative Spot
shall carry or FoE may terminate this Agreement by a seven (7) days’ notice.

3. Partner agrees to do the following while the recycling bin is placed on the premises:
(a) put up signage to advise residents that (i) the recycling bin is solely for the purpose of
used clothes and printer cartridges collection and shall not be tampered with or
damaged; (ii) the following items are not suitable for recycling: uniform, underwear,socks, event tee, worn out clothes and bedding (“Non-Accepted Items”); and (ii) used printer cartridges should be properly wrapped before depositing them into the bin;
(b) allow FoE or its authorized nominee to enter the premises at designated time and date at
regular intervals to access the Spot to collect and remove the items in the recycling bin;
(c) assist in the disposal of Non-Accepted Items at a place reasonably convenient to FoE;
(d) perform reasonable patrol and surveillance of the Spot to prevent vandalism, tampering
or otherwise damage to the recycling bin, and immediately notify FoE if it becomes
aware of any damage or malfunction of the bin; and
(e) on reasonable written notice by FoE, permit FoE or its authorized nominee(s) to enter
the premises to access the Spot to inspect and carry out maintenance or repair services
of the recycling bin. Partner agrees that FoE shall be responsible for all maintenance and
repair costs of the bin unless such is reasonably proven to arise from or are caused or
contributed by any acts or omissions, negligence or wilful misconduct of Partner who
shall then be responsible for the resulting cost.

4. Partner acknowledges that the recycling bin is FoE’s and/or the out-sourcing operator’s
property which is provided for use under this recycling program “as is” without warranty of any
kind, express or implied, including fitness of any particular purpose. FoE shall not be
responsible for any misuse or abuse of the bin whilst in possession of Partner or any damages to
persons or property whatsoever and howsoever they may arise from or be related to the bin.

5. Partner shall be responsible for promptly reporting all claims relating to the recycling program.

6. All rights, title and interests to any materials depositing in the recycling lie with FoE.

7. This Agreement shall commence from the date of signature by both parties and continue until
terminated by either party by a seven (7) days’ prior written notice. Upon termination of this
i. any antecedent rights and obligations will not be affected; and
ii. Partner must ensure that on the request of FoE that it or its nominee(s) is granted
access to the Spot to remove the bin.

8. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong SAR.
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