CIDEL: Committee to Identify and Develop Educational Leaders
Survey of “Call to Leadership” Participants

PURPOSE: CIDEL members are seeking feedback from previous participants to the annual “Call to Leadership” programs. Particularly, we want to learn more about the effectiveness of the programs to encourage teachers to become administrators. Your cooperation with this survey will be helpful. Thank you. If you have any questions, please contact Peter Loehr at or phone 878-4839.

1. What year(s) did you attend "Call to Leadership?"
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2. When you attended the "Call to Leadership," were you already enrolled in an Educational Leadership program?
3. If YES for #2, do you plan to actively seek an administrative position when you complete your Educational Leadership program?
4. If NO for #2, have you enrolled in an Educational Leadership program?
5. If YES for #4, in what Educational Leadership program did you enroll?
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6. If "C" for #4, why? Check as many as apply:
7. We thank you for responding and encourage you to make any additional comments you'd like:
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