OSEA Member Survey on Ontario's Fair Hydro Plan
Do you agree with the following statements?
The government has struck a responsible balance by building on its commitment to a cleaner electricity system while improving the affordability of this system for ratepayers and further encouraging conservation efforts through the new $200 million Affordability Fund.
The Ontario Fair Hydro Plan is a sign of faith in the durability and longevity of the renewable infrastructure, in which our government has invested.
The measures proposed support the necessary investments that this government has made to the system to have over 90% emissions free generation, and enable a more sustainable model for Ontarians to pay for these system benefits.
The change in rate base calculation will decrease transparency and further veil the true costs of energy.
The price reduction will be counterproductive to residential and private conservation efforts and lead to slower penetration of CDM and energy retrofit measures.
The plan will only postpone rate increases, and burden future generations with paying for mistakes in planning that have been created decades ago.
Do you have any comments or thoughts you would like to bring to our attention with regards to this matter?
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