Location and Accessibility Opportunities
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I’d like to see ongoing marketing efforts emphasizing our strategic location as the gateway to PA, accessibility to I- 95, Airport, Philadelphia, through various channels.
I’d like to see coordination with the Delco Tourism Bureau to promote planned historic programs and tours through advertising of our historic places.
I’d like to see more local public transportation for all residents for access to jobs, shopping and services within Upper Chi and throughout the Greater Delaware Valley area.
I’d like to see us explore utilization of smart traffic systems to move traffic through our community more efficiently.
I’d like to see more sidewalks throughout the township especially on main arteries, i.e. for shopping and services near residential areas.
I’d like to see ongoing unified community effort to beautify residential and business areas throughout the township.
I’d like to see a community beautification team work with the State on cleaning up the I-95 ramps creating a positive image of UCT as the gateway to PA. (The PennDot program provides the ability for this coordination).
I’d like to see more Welcome to Upper Chichester signs throughout the township.
I like to see bike lanes/walking lanes on major roads in the township, where sidewalks are not provided or required.
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