Veloren 0.9 Survey
Veloren 0.9 is coming out on March 20th, and we decided to run a survey!

This survey will help us learn more about how the players experience Veloren. Feel free to fill out as much or as little as you like - all insights help! Aggregated responses will be published in the devblog.

- AngelOnFira, Meta Lead
About when did you find out about Veloren?
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What operating system do you use?
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How well does Veloren run on your computer?
What are you most excited for in Veloren?
In your opinion, what is the biggest feature missing from Veloren?
How do you rate the weapons in the game?
Haven't used it
Don't like it
It's fine
This weapon is great
This is my favorite weapon
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How do you play Veloren?
What are your biggest hopes for Veloren?
Any final thoughts or comments?
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