614 Crafty Exchange

Hey Professionals!

It's time again to host another awesome 614 Crafty Exchange!!!! This event is for professional makers with active handmade businesses only.

April 22nd

11am - 1pm

Dabble & Stitch - 221 Arcadia Ave, Columbus

What is a Crafty Exchange? Well...read on!

You sign up, make three gifts according to the guidelines below and come to our super-inspiring venue. Oh yeah, bring a snack if it puts a bee in your bonnet. While there, you'll mix and mingle with other like minded handmade professionals, exchange tips and ideas, and make life long friendships. Holding hands and signing is optional - Kumbaya:) Then we eat a little, drink some beverages (non-alcoholic beverages only please due to insurance stipulations) and go through the gift exchanging fun! In the end each of you will leave with 3 new gifts handmade by some of your new friends!

O... and it is free to attend too! Whoop whoop!

This sounds totes amaaazing. What do I make?

Each Maker will bring only 3 items.

1- Big, takes more effort to make and has at least a $25 RETAIL value.

2- Medium, has at least a $15 RETAIL value.

3- Small, has at least a $10 RETAIL value.

Remember, you don't have to spend a lot of money on making your gift. It's all about the craftsmanship. We want you to wow us with your mad "maker" skills!

With the Exchange being held on Earth Day, we thought what a better theme!?! This theme can be a literal interpretation such as something created out of or about nature or repurposed materials. You could also think outside of the box and come up with your own edit on the theme. We love hearing your logic behind your interpretation. There is no wrong answer. We just want you to go for it in your own special way!

We ask that you wrap up each of your items separately. Please identify which item is which by labeling them small, medium, and large.

But wait! There's more..... Dabble & Stitch is generously offering us a private shopping experience. So come ready to swoon over their latest and greatest fabrics.

So bust out those paint brushes, polish up those knitting needles and tune-up that sewing machine. As always, we will be taking photos of the event along with all your amazing crafts so we can share them with our customers, friends and followers on social media! Please attach your business card to all your gifts and produce your best work;) To see photos of past Exchanges check out #614CraftyExchange

Hugs and Stitches,

Not Your Mama's Craft Market

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614 Crafty Exchange - Earth Day '17
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