Donation Request Form - 2019
5Points Brew & Sweets is a proud local business that appreciates our community and looks forward to the opportunity to give back to them when we can. As locally owned small business, we are only as strong as the community that supports us and we hope to support you as well. We have several requests every week and hope accommodate most if not all of them, but please respect the process so we can keep things in order. When filling out the form below, please be as detailed as possible so we get a complete picture of what our donation is going towards.

If you have any other questions, don’t be afraid to contact us at

Mark & Megan, 5Points Brew & Sweets

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Donation & Support Request Procedure:
This request must be filled out at least 2 weeks before the event. Please understand this is an ownership decision and the requests cannot be fulfilled instantly in the store. If you're in a bind, please follow up with an email to

5Points is a small business and we do get several requests throughout the year and we may not be able to approve all of the requests, but as we grow our ability to give grows so try again next year or for your next event!

Eventually there is a place to upload any literature that will explain what the donation goes towards, please try and add it here and please note that to pick up your donation, you must have a letter including your group/person/event and a space for the donation amount. If this is not brought in, we won't be able to give you your donation.

Once we get your request, it will be reviewed by our Sponsorship Committee and you will be contacted within the next seven days. If the request is granted, the committee will coordinate the fulfillment of your request and let you know when you can come and get it.

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