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They all started with I HEART MR. COLLINS. Phoebe Braddock's love of literature extended to feelings for her high school English teacher, a crush that grew into a full fledged forbidden romance during her senior year. As her story unfolds, she pursues a career as a romance author, giving birth to THE PHOEBE BRADDOCK BOOKS.
Her novels are all forbidden love or taboo romance, starting with FROM PRYING EYES, her debut and the second in the series. This is a tale of sibling incest with a HEA. CRYSTAL'S CRUCIBLE follows. This is an age-gap office romance and romantic suspense with a contrasting side plot of temptation and cheating when Crystal's sister gets into all sorts of trouble. The fourth book in the series, UNDENIABLY WRONG, moves out of the romance genre and into women's fiction, although there is still plenty of heat and forbidden love.
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Undeniably Wrong (The Phoebe Braddock Books #4)
Undeniably Wrong (The Phoebe Braddock Books #4)
There are many sides to every story and Lucinda’s tale is no exception.

Lucinda’s affair damaged Adam Fairfax and it took him years to recover. Most painted her as the villain, but did anyone think to ask her why their marriage collapsed? Why did she cheat on him?

I dare you to turn back the clock and delve into a warped web of high society schemes and veiled threats. This is a world where people poison everything they touch and make a blood sport of betrayal. With all the lies and deception swirling around her like a murky swamp, it is no wonder Lucinda bought into it, letting it taint her soul and relationships. Yet none of them pose a greater risk than the shadows of her past.

Note: This is a prequel to Crystal’s Crucible (The Phoebe Braddock Books #3) and will feature some Book 2 characters. While you can read The Phoebe Braddock Books in any order, I suggest reading From Prying Eyes prior to this one to avoid spoilers.
Trigger Warnings: Cheating, sexual violence, domestic abuse, miscarriage, and sex scenes, including f/f.
Undeniably Wrong (The Phoebe Braddock Books #4) Link to share
Purchase link for Undeniably Wrong: https://books2read.com/UndeniablyWrong
(Cover image will be updated in May 2022 following cover reveal)
Crystal's Crucible (The Phoebe Braddock Books #3)
Crystal's Crucible (The Phoebe Braddock Books #3)
The laws of attraction are quite beyond science.

Crystal loved rules. A set of principles governed her life. That is why the physical sciences appealed to her. Logic and reasoning kept her afloat amidst the sea of family drama. Intimacy was not part of her equation; she had excluded that variable years ago after a string of disastrous relationships with men who wanted nothing more than sex.

The day she walked through the doors of Aludel Pharma, locking eyes with Adam Fairfax, everything changed. The chemistry between them brought her carefully constructed system crashing down around her. He was her boss, completely off limits. Crystal thought he was safe to admire from a distance. She was wrong. With the magnetism pulling them together, Crystal needed to choose which opposing rules she would break.

And she needed to act fast because a conspiracy was brewing in her department, threatening to bring her down or take her out.

Warning: This book contains coarse language, explicit scenes, situations where consent is dubious, along with graphic depictions of violence, sexual assault, and drug use.
Crystal's Crucible (The Phoebe Braddock Books #3) Link to share
Purchase link for Crystal's Crucible: https://books2read.com/u/bPXPkJ
From Prying Eyes (The Phoebe Braddock Books #2)
From Prying Eyes (The Phoebe Braddock Books #2)
Haunted by visions of a mysterious stranger making love to her in the dark, Sophie is torn between affections for the guy she’s had a crush on for years and strong yearnings for the man of her dreams. And she can’t shake the feeling that there is something familiar about her fantasy lover.

Then one fateful night, her dreams come to life at the debutante ball where Sophie is swept off her feet for several blissful minutes. But when the masks come off, she is forced to accept the shocking truth: her enigmatic lover is no stranger.

Does she deny her deepest desires or pursue a forbidden passion?

Note: This is a spiritual successor to "I Heart Mr. Collins" such that it is the first book written by the protagonist of that story. There are not any characters in common and it can be read as a stand alone.

Warning: this book contains incest (consensual), explicit scenes, and course language that may offend or upset some readers.
From Prying Eyes (The Phoebe Braddock Books #2) Link to share
Purchase link for From Prying Eyes: https://books2read.com/u/47l9e7
I Heart Mr. Collins (The Phoebe Braddock Books #1)
I Heart Mr. Collins (The Phoebe Braddock Books #1)
I might have described myself as innocent a few months ago, but that was before my schoolgirl crush turned into something real and passionate beyond my wildest imagination. Now my lustful appetite has awoken and there is no going back.
The problem is, no one else can know what I do when alone with Mr. Collins because it would jeopardise his career. Other people wouldn't understand what we have.
At least graduation is just around the corner and I will strike off lying and deception from my current list of sins. That is my hope, but will I find the courage to be completely honest with everyone?

Warning: While minimal, there is some sexual violence in this book that may be a trigger for abuse victims.
I Heart Mr. Collins (The Phoebe Braddock Books #1) Link to share
Purchase link for I Heart Mr. Collins: https://books2read.com/u/mdnBVZ
FREE Reader Magnet copy of I Heart Mr. Collins: https://storyoriginapp.com/giveaways/535fc438-8970-11eb-88e7-1b9ea6f08379
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