iiiNNO Mentor & Partner Sign-Up for 2020
We would like to kindly invite you and as well collect your updated information for our 2020 iiiNNO LaunchPad mentor information for our new year iiiNNO LaunchPad mentor.

## iiiNNO LaunchPad Overview 一諾國際市場拓展加速計畫介紹
iiiNNO LaunchPad program enables startup and entrepreneurs to gain immediate market access in the Asian market by researching the market insight, matching potential partners, validating the business models and most importantly getting the 1st order to kick-off to achieve 10X growth.

## Benefits of iiiNNO Mentors
(1) iiiNNO mentor networking <we will create online and offline opportunities for everyone to meet each other, network and expand reach.
(2) invitation to demo pitch as judges or/and mentors in matching session or boot camp
(3) annual appreciation dinner
(4) program update we will now provide updates about our program progress and startup team performance
(4) invitation as speaker or panel speakers

## Who are invited to iiiNNO Mentor Network
(A) startup ecosystem builder
(B) national startup hub or project management office
(C) startup mentors & investors
(D) startup service providers
(E) anyone who is committed to helping the startup to accelerate

## Where will the iiiNNO Mentors & Partner Network be shown or connected
- iiiNNO official website: https://iiinno.co/iiinno-mentor-partner-network/
- iiiNNO+ launchpad FB group
- iiiNNO line group for mentors and partners

iiiNNO NEW location grand opening video
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