Înregistrare refacere seminar CTS
Formular destinat studentilor din anul 3 si anul suplimentar care refac activitatile de la disciplina de Calitate si Testare Software în anul universitar 2017-2018 / Form for students in the additional year or 3rd year that redo activities for the Quality and Software Testing discipline in the academic year 2017-2018
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pentru a permite desfasurarea activitatilor de seminar in conditii normale numarul de studenti care participa la un laborator nu trebuie sa depaseasca 30; in situatia in care acest numar este depasit, alocarea studentilor din anul 3 sau anul suplimentar se va face centralizat / in order to allow for seminar activities to be conducted under normal conditions, the number of students attending a laboratory should not exceed 30; in the event that this number is exceeded, the allocation of 3rd year or additional year students will be centralized
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