ABA four quarterly newsletter versus a single annual Yearbook
ABA is seeking feedback from the membership regarding the newsletter. This idea is to publish a single 80-page issue per year, instead of four 24-page quarterly issues. Below is an outline of what would change and what would remain the same throughout the year in terms of content and delivery.

- 36 pages of bowhunting adventure stories
- 8 pages of bowhunting how-to articles
- 32 pages hunt success photos
- Annual gold game award winners
- Life members list
- ABA purpose and historical accomplishments

- 1 issue instead of 4 per year.
- Annual game award entries and historical winners per category
- ABA annual recap report
- ABA news via email

Below are the pros and cons of having a single yearbook instead of four newsletters per annum.

- $6,500 - $9,000 savings per year from reduced printing & mailing costs
- Avoid duplicate printing of the ABA executive, ABA game awards, and the ABA membership application in the same year
- ABA news emailed in a timely manner, avoiding the six-week delay due to printing and mailing. Email addresses currently for over 95% of the membership

- One printed publication per year reaching members, reducing the ABA’s current primary communication method frequency
- ABA bylaw changes would require a dedicated mailout prior to AGM to notify members
- Communication lost to those members who do not have a valid email address
- Cost increase risk of the quarterly newsletter if needing to revert idea

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