Tarvin 2022-2023 PreKinder/Kindergarten Parent Input
We value your input! This is an optional opportunity to provide information to help us meet the needs of your child as we create and balance classes for next year. Only provide information you think is important.

Instructional staff will work with the administrative team to create classes based upon various considerations including those listed below:
     *Students' educational needs
     *Equalizing the number of students in ALL classes
     *Balancing the number of boys and girls
     *Balancing the ability levels and needs of classes
     *Family input

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Which grade will your child be entering in the 2022-2023 school year? *
Child's Last Name *
Child's First Name *
Child's Date of Birth (including year) *
Child's Gender *
Siblings at Tarvin or another LISD campus? If yes, please include name, school, and current grade.
Parent's Last Name *
Parent's First Name *
Parent's Phone Number *
Parent's E-mail *
Early Childhood Programs 0-5 yrs *
Please check any programs that your child participated in during his/her early years.
If You Checked One Or More Of The Above, You May Share Your Child's Experience In Those Or Any other Program/s.
Severe Allergies/Medical Concerns? If so, list below
Special Circumstances You Would LikeTo Share
Examples: Are there specific students you believe your child should not be placed with for the 2022-2023 school year? If so, please name below. Were they able to socialize during the Covid pandemic? Family dynamics? Etc.
Child's Learning Style
Child's Skills
Please check any of the skills your child can do independently.  Please know that all of the skills below are NOT required in order to attend LISD Early Childhood Programs, as all children develop at their own pace.  The information you provide helps our administration and teachers prepare for learning.
Tell Us About Your Child: Strengths & Areas of Growth
Some questions to consider: What does he/she like to do? Favorite things? How does he/she respond to praise and disappointment? Does your child prefer to play with adults, alone, or with other children? How is your child feeling about coming to school? What do you love most about your child?
Please include any other information you feel is pertinent to your child's education, including advances/delays in developmental growth, considerations and/or concerns with: behavior, social, pre-academics, language, gross/fine motor, etc.
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