Suburban Apartments Distributed Generation Energy Project
Dear Tenants,

We are excited to announce the final stages of our distributed generation solar project. We are working to lower one more bill for you. We need to qualify you to the solar project to get the savings distributed on your bill. Your will still pay ComEd however a rebate discount will be applied to your bill for the generation of energy via Solar Farm.

Suburban Apartments, in conjunction with SA Energy LLC, is pleased to offer you savings on your monthly electric bill! As a subscriber to a Distributed Generation Solar Project that participates in ILSFA, you will be able to attain net savings on your electric bill, based on your current supply rates. To put it simply, you can save money on your electric bill just by signing up!

SA Energy has worked in conjunction with Illinois Solar For All. The ILSFA is a state program that provides an incentive for solar PV systems that serve low-income and environmental justice communities.

SA Energy LLC is an organization that generates solar energy and provides energy savings to individuals who subscribe to the service. There are no hidden fees or costs to sign up. Once you sign up, there is nothing left to do!

To qualify for the Energy Saving Rebate from our Solar Farm. Please provide the required date such that we can validate your account.
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