"Business Model Canvas" Assessment
Complete this assessment to receive credit for attending or viewing the May 2, 2019 New Mexico Rainforest EDA University Center Seminar, "Business Model Canvas" by Susan Cornelius. This quiz is based on both the seminar and the handouts. The recorded seminar and handouts are available at NMRainforest.com
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In the seminar, we discussed that we are creating a "disruptive business model". What do we mean by a "disruptive business model"? *
True or False? The Business Model Canvas can be best described through nine basic building blocks that show the logic of how a company intends to make money. *
True or False? A Customer, to a surprising degree, has significant control over determining your final product. *
True of False? To be an entrepreneur is to be a Visionary, a Game Changer, and a Challenger, striving to defy outmoded business models to design your new enterprise. The Business Model Canvas helps create this Disruptive Business Model. *
In determining your Minimal Value Proposition, which of the following questions do you need to answer? *
Which of the following are elements of the Business Model Canvas? *
Which of the following statement(s) are true? *
What is the most important purpose of the Customer Interview? *
True or False? Finding the right mix of Business Channels is critical to satisfy how customers want to be reached and is crucial in bringing a Value Proposition to market. *
True or False? In order to create a strong Business Model Canvas, with all its building blocks, you must wait until you finally have the perfect model you can execute to get your Value Proposition to market. *
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