Lawsuit: Copper IUD Survey
Please fill out this survey if you believe you became ill as a the result of a copper IUD. **My goal is to get 500-1000 women to fill out this form, in order to get the attention of a lawyer.**
Please use this form only for COPPER IUDs, not hormonal IUDs like Mirena. Please do not submit this survey if you had issues related to migration or uterine puncture. There are already lawsuits in progress related to those issues.
The information I am collecting is to potentially be used to bring legal action against the copper IUD manufacturer. We have to prove the the company KNEW, or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN of the negative effects of the copper IUD. For my purposes, this includes negative effects like psychological issues and physical illness. I did some preliminary research, and this would not be considered a "class action" lawsuit, but would potentially be known as an "MDL", or multidistrict litigation. This type of lawsuit is used when there are multiple people injured, but all to varying extents.
If you'd like to reach out to me for a status on the progress of this survey, or other questions, please email me at Thanks, and together maybe we can get justice!
Please note: My friend who is a lawyer also advised me that if I was injured, to file a complaint with the FDA. Many times class action lawsuits are initiated or brought to light due to a warning or recall being issued by the FDA. So make sure to file a complaint with them as well!
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