Becoming an ELCA Student Tutor
Please fill out this form if you wish to be a student tutor and we will email you your tutoring details when needed if there is a match. Currently, if you would like to be a tutor you must follow the following set rates: $10/ 45 minutes for grades 7 and below; $20/ 45 minutes for grades above 7th grade. If there are specific one time sessions requested, rates may change accordingly (i.e. Exam preparation)
You may receive a pay rate with from your student or choose to volunteer for free. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments/concerns section on the bottom of this form. You can also reach us at
Other additional procedures that should be noted:
1. When tutoring, student must have a set room to meet with supervision. (Mrs.Martin's room and After school lunch is always welcomed.)
2. This year, student tutors will be required to attend short information sessions about expectations, teaching techniques, and proper protocol.
3. Tutors may be assigned more than one student if demand is high but please indicate in "Questions, Comments, and Concerns" if you would only want ONE tutee.

*Information submitted will be shared with your tutee

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Subject(s) You Can Tutor/Teach
Check all that apply. If your subject is not listed, check "Other" and list your subject. ** SAT/ACT prep will be discussed separately.
What kind of tutor?
Please indicate whether you'd like to be a tutor after/ before school for at set rate or volunteer w/o pay. Also, indicate if you are possibly interested in becoming an IF tutor during your Instructional Focus (no pay).
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