International Horseback Archery World Cup & European Grand Prix Series - Stage I.
16-19 May 2019. Pomáz
Schedule and price
International Horseback Archery World Cup & Grand Prix - Stage I.

Date of the competition: 16-19 May 2019

Registration closes on 15 April.

All the information can be found here:

Training camps with 4 professional trainers around the competition:
Camp 1: 6-12 May 2019 (7 days)
Camp 2: 20-24 May 2019 (5 days)
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Competitors who wish to travel with their own horse are more than welcome, although they will have to provide for their horse, the organizer will make it available to get free hay and oats and a temporary paddock will be available for free.
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At the training camp photos and videos will be the exclusive property of the Némethy Horseback Archery Academy. All participants commit themselves to derive any personal legal rights.

The participants take full responsibility for their actions and health of their horses they ride. Condition of participation with own horse needs a valid animal keeper liability insurance. Personal liability and accident insurance for the participant is recommended.

Children and young people must wear a riding helmet at equestrian events. For adults it is also recommended.

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