Vogue/Ballroom Camp 2023
FreedomSchool - Toronto Vogue/Ballroom camp will be happening in person from July 17-21st for children/youth 6-17.  Participants will receive snack and lunch each day. Programming instruction will take place from 10am-4pm daily.
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Priority of Admission
Tell us about your child - This information is voluntary and will be used to determined priority of admission into the workshop series.  Admission is not on a first come-first serve basis, but is dependant on need.
1. Does your child identify or express themself as Black AND transgender or gender non-conforming? *
2. Do any of your child's parent(s) identify Black and LGBTQ? *
3. Does your child currently or have they previously accessed a dance program outside of school? *
House of Freedom Registration Information
Tell us about your child.  This information will help us to program for your child and to keep your child safe.
Name (first then last name) *
Gender pronoun *
Date of Birth *
Ontario Health Card Number *
Doctors name and phone number *
Child's Measurements
Your child's measurements will be used to prepare a costume for your child for Freedom School's closing action.  Please include your child's measurements for: waist size, waist to shoulders, bottom of armpit to shoulder, shoulder to neck, neck width, chest width, head size, waist to ankle
Child's Measurements *
Would you like to participate in our free snack program? Your child will receive a snack on workshop days. *
Does your child have any dietary restrictions?  Ex: Ital, Hallal, vegan, no dairy *
Allergies (ex: anaphalaxis, food sensitivities, food allergies, outdoor allergies (grass, bee stings) *
Does your child have any pertinent medical concerns? Ex: asthma, diabetes, sickle cell, epilepsy *
List of medications to be present at workshops (ex: epipen, puffer).  Please include instructions for medication administration *
Does your child have physical accessibility needs?  Ex: Can your child navigate steps?  Does your child have physical accessibility needs pertaining to dance lessons?
List accessibility needs *
Learning Needs
Tell us about your child's learning needs!
What is your child's cultural foreground? (Ex: Nigerian, Jamaican, Scotian, Bajan, Black American) *
Tell us a bit about your child learns best (Ex: auditory, visual, kinesthetic, hands-on) *
How does your child typically handle frustrating interpersonal situations? (Ex: crying, tantrum, hitting, walks away, talks it out) *
How are conflicts or behaviour challenges handled at home (Ex: talking it out, time-out) *
Any suggestions that will help us get to know your child and help them adjust to the kiki ballroom series *
Parent(s)/Caregiver Information
Tell us about yourself and your child's parent(s)/guardian(s)
Parent(s) or Guardians (family name(s), given name(s) *
Home/Mobile Phone *
Work Phone (if employed outside home) *
Email address *
People who are authorized to pick up your children (Name, Name on ID, Phone Number) *
Emergency Contacts (We MUST have on file the names of three people who have agreed to pick up your child should he/she become ill and we are unable to contact you) *
From time to time we may take photographs or videos of children's work or likenesses for freedom school promotion.  News/TV stations may come in and videotape the children at work, especially during their closing actions.  These items may be connected to BlackLivesMatter - Toronto.  
Would you be willing to have your child filmed for internal media (ex: program promotion, FreedomSchool website) *
Do you consent to internal media being shared on social media? *
Would you be willing to have your child filmed for external media (ex: TV, radio, newspaper) *
KIKIKIDS is a fully subsidized programs.  Contributions are voluntary.  
Would you like to make a monetary or fundraising contribution to KikiKids? *
Are there any special talents you would like to contribute?  (Ex: cooking, sewing, art, design, music) *
Any other information you would like to share with us: *
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