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The DINacharya Institute presents a 10-session intensive series focusing on clinical practice of Ayurveda using authentic wisdom of Ayurveda. See the schedule below for topics of focus for each session.

True clinical mentorship requires the presence of an experienced clinician who understands how to teach. This intensive will expand on basic themes to help clinicians become strong and supple, expanding and grounding their practice of Ayurveda. Sessions will reveal where each participant needs self-study. Deeper conversation with an ayurvedic physician teaching beyond the shastras will teach you how to include your intuitive healer into your practice.

This series is for practitioners of Ayurveda seeking intense and spiritual tools to become powerful agents of change using Ayurveda. One session will be devoted to the clinical algorithm of deepana-pachana vata shamana. One session will be devoted to the cleansing process of authentic pancakarma and its purposes. One session will be devoted to constipation and the issues of the mahasrotas. One session will be devoted to kushttha roga.

Please prepare for 20 intense hours of deep teaching and conversation to harness the power of understanding ayurveda concepts profoundly. You will be initiated formally into the study of Ayurvedic classic granthas. Together we will study tools used in clinical ayurveda, including herbal formulations, breath, bhasma, sourcing true āhara to nourish the tissues and channels and physical sides of the patient
, as well as grounding in the spiritual and unmanifest aspects of healing.

The course will cover topics such as the clinical algorithm for most cases of practice, tailored for each patient using tools specific for each patient. Other topics will be molded to the needs and requests of participants. Clinical cases will be discussed.

DATES    one session approximately every three weeks beginning December 28, 2020
TIME       7-8:30 pm IST  = 8:30-10:00 am EDT = 5:30-7am PDT  =  9:30p-11p China
PLACE    The DIN online zoom classroom   - link will be sent upon full registration

FACULTY Join Dr. Satyajith Kadkol on a journey into deepening your practice of Ayurveda. Dr. Kadkol is a physician of ayurveda with training in many ancient sciences and arts, including music, sports, farming, puja, and expert colllection and preparation of medicines. He uses subtle wisdom and clinical knowledge to guide healing. He holds a BAMS and MD (ayurveda) in pancakarma and has been in practice for 17 years. He now directs a small ayurveda hospital in Udupi, Karnataka.  
Expert moderator Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya is a physician with doctorates in pharmacology & ayurveda. She  has been an attending physician in practice for 20 years at the New York Presbyterian Healthcare System and integrating the practice of ayurveda for 15 years. She serves as Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College.
Both doctors use subtle wisdom and clinical knowledge to guide healing. We hope to suffuse energy into your Being, so that curiosity and healing guide your further learning.

Sessions are in English.

Tuition: USD$108/session or USD$1008/10 sessions.
Come swim with us in the ocean of wisdom that is Ayurveda!
Dr. Bhaswati with Dr. Satyajith

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Requisites for this program
You must understand the basics of doshas, dhatus and srotas and should have completed a study of fundamental principles of Ayurveda. Upon registration, we will send you an assessment so that we can plan sessions that are appropriate to the spectrum of understanding of students. Readings will be provided to encourage self-study and review of topics you may need to relearn.

Curiosity and openness are the main tools you will need. Your own clinical experience as an Ayurvedic practitioner will aid you greatly.

You should have maturity to listen to experiences of fellow students with an open mind and an ability to observe your own judgments and potential bias, in order to aid your own evolution.
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At the beginning of the intensive, we will request everyone to maintain confidentiality of any clinical cases or personal stories that participants choose to share. Please indicate your willingness to abide by this confidentiality policy by typing your full name here. *
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